The Transition From Pre-School Begins With Research

It’s that time already? It seems like just yesterday when you finally found the best kindergarten for your child and peered at them from behind the door after a tearful goodbye. It’s the next big step in your child’s life so here are some tips to find the best fit for their education.

 Do your research

 After deciding between a public and private institution for your child, now comes the research. If you don’t have a specific option in mind it is best to look into what is in your area and thus of most convenience. By reducing the drive back and forth not only will your child have extra time for other activities but they will also not have to rush through their morning routines. The transition from kindergarten might be difficult. Making along drive every morning and a long drive back in the afternoon might add exhaustion and stress to this big step. Looking at curriculums are also important. A benefit of an dalton Hong Kong is that they offer an almost personalized form of teaching where each student is guided through with a clever and balanced blend of the target of the curriculum and each student’s varying pace. There is also the factor of social learning, which public schools offer with the diversity within the student body thus expanding the pool of your child’s friends.

 Narrowing your options

 Another important factor when deciding is your child’s personality. An artistic or gifted child with a knack for interactive learning or one that blossoms the best when learning in a more tailored curriculum that fits their pace rather when pressured or pushed would do better in a private institution of education. While public institutions are better fitting for a fast-paced child who excels in a large class and is motivated by peers and collective learning.

 Finding the best fit

 Applying for admittance can be extremely stressful. It is best to choose at least a handful of good options and apply for a minimum of 4. This is to avoid setting your eyes on one, applying to only that and then later having no options if rejected by your first choice. Many factors are taken into consideration when filtering applicants. Even though you fit the criteria there might only be a limited number of students they can accept. International school admission is made easier by the availability of online forms and email correspondence. The public sector requires you to consult a step by step handbook that will guide you through the application process.

 All schools have handbooks or websites that detail the curriculums, the approaches taken as well as the requirements and application process do your research and choose whichever institution your child will excel in.